Fax to Email

Fax 2 Email

Receive unlimited faxes in your mail!

Setup Fee: Free

Cancellation Period: 30 Days

Monthly Fee: R35.00

FAX 2 Email

Using a sophisticated system, our software allows us to allocate you with a telephone number, which upon receiving a Fax, converts it into an email and sends it over to your designated email address. By linking a fax number to your email address you can now receive faxes though your email account. All faxes that are sent to this designated fax number will then be forwarded to your email address as a picture attachment (.TIF format). For example, faxes sent to 0866771765 are automatically sent to joe@paradigmsolutions.co.za

Features & Benefits

  • Free Free 086 number
  • Free Receive unlimited faxes in your mail box
  • To Cancel simply email support@paradigmsolutions.co.za before the end of the month.
  • No contracts!!!
Monthly R35