What is SVN?

Subversion (SVN) is a version control system. SVN is used to maintain current and historical versions of files such as documentation, source code and WebPages. With SVN tool you can track the changes in source code in an environment where multiple people are updating same files frequently.

How many users commit and update simultaneously?

There is no limit on users accessing files and commit changes to repository.

How can I resolve the conflict files?

To resolve conflict files you need to use the revert command and update the working copy with current version.

How many versions SVN can keep in history?

SVN can keep track of 1000 versions of each file.

Can SVN integrate with Visual Studio?

SVN can integrate with all available versions of Visual Studio (2005, 2008, 2010 & 2012).

Which Subversion version is supported?

We do support latest subversion version 1.7.7-3352.99.

Can single user access multiple repositories?

Yes a single user can have access to multiple repositories.

Read and write permissions can be applied on any user?

Repository admin can assign read only permission to any user, in that case a user can only read or download data from repository but cannot commit any change.

Is file Merge option available?

Users can merge files from any revision but it’s not recommended until you know the complete source code of file which you are editing.

Do we have exclusive checkout of files in SVN like two users can simultaneously access same file?

Multiple users can access same files, however if any user put a lock on file then other user can only update the revision but cannot commit any changes to repository.

What is the backup policy of repositories on server side?

We provide complete backup solution of repositories. Scheduler is set to take daily backups once a day.

What is the backup deletion policy?

You can get 5 days old back up in Zip format.

Can we order a new repository, which is a replica of another active repository?

As per requirement a new repository can be created and same files with all versions from another repository can be copied to new repository.

Web access to browse repository via any browser is available?

User can access any repository via browser. However users can only read or check the file status, commit or update is not allowed. They can review the source code as well.